Sammy's a Fighter

I know I don't mention too much about my family or what's going on in other people's lives, but I felt like sharing this. My nephew has been having a rough time as of late but it looks like his chance at a future is getting a lot better. Check out my sister's blog if you want to know more details. Suffice it to say that I'm happy for the little guy. Also, no offence to Olivia and George, but for never having met them, Samuel has always been my favorite. It's great to hear that my odds of seeing him grow up are steadily improving. And a little bit of an aside, since familial relationships are awesome, but since no one I know seems to know what to call the relationship once you get beyond immediate ties, I found a handy chart that explains it all.

And after talking to a few more people from my last job, apparently the layoff was an actual layoff this time. I suppose that the suits at my old company are evil, just not as evil as I had imagined. Of course, this is most likely just round one or a precursor to them shutting down the command center entirely and moving it elsewhere, but at least they had enough honor left in their shriveled little souls to do the right thing when cutting the remaining numbers in half. Either way, I'm better off having gotten out when I did and am happy working at my new job so no tears there.

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