Movin' On Up

Well, I've finally gotten access to all of the places I need to go to do my job, and all of the required databases. Not too shabby, considering that at my last job the physical access would have taken two or three weeks, and even after working there for four years I still hadn't gotten all of the database accesses required. Granted, my current job is slightly more limited in scope, but I still can't help but be impressed by how well everyone seems to know their job or who to talk to to get what needs to be done done. Speaking of knowing the job, apparently I have impressed my coworkers with how fast I'm catching on and instead of waiting until next week to start my normal shift, I've got today off and am starting on tomorrow night. It's a little scary actually, I don't really believe that I'm ready, and working at night I'm not going to have as many people around if I've got a question. But, on the other hand the vote of confidence is inspiring and I'll probably be able to muddle my way through any difficulties that arise. Only time will tell I suppose and the times should definitely be interesting to say the least.

The balloons were back yesterday morning, there must be a park or something nearby where they land or take off. Not sure if there is such a thing as an airfield for hot air balloons, I suppose I'll have to take a look and see what I can find.

The drive was a lot less exciting today, though the collar of my shirt did manage to escape the confines of my jacket. The constant flapping as my collar beat a tattoo against the side of my helmet just about drove me mad. Also once my shift was over at 1700 I stuck around for a bit shooting the breeze with the guys just so I wouldn't have to wade through as much traffic on the way home. Left at about 1730 and though there were a few slow spots, it was nowhere near as bad as the previous day when I might as well have walked home. Ended up getting home just before 1900. Of course now that I've figured out a pattern it is rendered moot due to my change in schedule.

Now begins the test. Can I manage to flip my schedule back around in one day and actually make it through a night at work? We'll soon find out I suppose.

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