Past and Future

Apparently my old job had another round of layoffs yesterday. Don't know too many details as of yet, mainly whether these were in fact layoffs, or more thin excuses to fire people in order to avoid having to pay severance or unemployment. I'll probably find out more over the next few days, but as I'm working again it's not too important to me other than I feel bad for some of the people still there. I suppose there's something to be said for leading the wave. Now I'll just have to crack down and get moving forward on my plans to make myself more marketable in the future.

I am making a few friends at work. There are a lot of rabbits and prairie dogs running around as well as a few squirrels, and they seem to keep to specific areas of the campus. There's also one enormous crow who has got to be about 12" from beak to rectrices, haven't thought of a real good name for him yet but I'm leaning towards Ogre. One rabbit in particular as well whom I've decided to dub Crazy Legs. He might just be young and his body hasn't quite caught up with his hind legs yet, but he's got some of the most disproportionate hind legs of any lagomorph I've seen around here. He tends to hang out near the smoking area for my building, so I see quite a bit of him. Got a nice pic of him just lounging about. No pics of the crow yet, but I'll have to see if I can get one.

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