I am definitely going to have to start taking my fleece in to work with me. The room where my cubicle is located is kept at about 65º and the data centers where I go when I have work to do are about 55-60º. Plus, on my way home in the morning it's about 55-60º and when you tack on 75MPH of wind chill it's about 45-50º. I'm already wearing the leather jacket but it doesn't really have any insulation to speak of unless I put the liner in, and that would pretty much cook me on the way in. So this pretty much means I'm going to have to start taking my backpack instead of my tailbag. Since there's nothing to eat at work except for what I bring with me, plus any books or other diversions, there just won't be room.

As for around the house, I haven't really had much of an opportunity to do much lately what with my long commute, 12-hour workday, and trying to squeeze in a little sleep here and there. My lawnmower recently decided that it doesn't want to start so I'm going to have to get it serviced, but that's going to have to wait for another paycheck or two. But it looks like one of my neighbors mowed it for me yesterday, so whoever it was, thank you! Also, I've got a wasp's nest about the size of a softball, or a medium grapefruit over my front door. So I'll need to grab a can of spray and suit up in my full winter riding outfit and bomb the sucker. I figure since air can't find it's way inside, then the wasps won't have much of a chance either. Not that I relish the task, but it should prove an interesting, if momentary, diversion.

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