The Most Diffucult Part

The hardest part of writing these things is coming up with a title. Especially when most of my writing is off the cuff and unplanned. How do you come up with a title when you're not too clear on what the contents are going to be? I suppose it might make a little more sense to write first and title later when I don't have any clear idea of where I'm going. As for the whole point of the excercise of writing a Blog? To become a better writer. I figured I'd try out the Jim Green method of writing, and while I'm not sticking to it quite as closely as I'd hoped, I think I'm making progress. If nothing else, I'm improving my typing speed. For the full method, check out http://www.anthologiesonline.com/writing_basics.htm

I did notice something a little odd when I was jumping around to random blogs looking for inspiration. Most of the ones that I came across in English are written by women, generally about family activities, or crafts. Most of the ones that I came across that were written by men were usually artists showcasing their work with very little writing in them whatsoever. Now my random sampling is in no way a scientific method, and my results could be fairly anomolous, so don't read too much into them. The one thing that most blogs have in common though, is the creative drive. People who have created something and want to share it with others (yes I include family in that). This brought up the question of, what have I created that I am sharing? Nothing. My blog is more of a narrative account, and possibly a stream of consciousness project. Though it could be argued that what I am creating to share is, in fact, the blog itself. Is that shallow? Does this make my words somehow less meaningful than those who are sharing other creative activities? Or is the reverse true that mine are somehow MORE meaningful because I am sharing of myself and not just one aspect of my life? Or, am I just reading entirely too much into this? Any amateur psychologists out there who can help me clear this up, or should I seek professional help? :D

Went through the ordeal of trimming my dog's nails today... Ended up quicking him once, and it's actually kind of strange, he put up less of a fuss on that nail than any of the other ones. I'm not suggesting that I should start cutting them too short on purpose in order to make it less of a hassle, but it was odd. I did have the astringent ready, as I always do when I'm trimming his nails, so he didn't bleed too much though. Also, while were on the subject of my dog, I found an interesting photography technique called tilt-shifting. I'm sure my sister would know more about this as she actually studied the subject, but in short, by blurring the top and bottom of a picture, you fool the eye into thinking that it's looking at a miniature replica. Don't know how effective it is, but instead of spending a couple grand on a lens, I found a website that you can upload pictures to and then apply a filter. http://tiltshiftmaker.com/ I tried it out on a picture of my dog basking in the sun, but for how effective it is, I'll let you be the judge.

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