Beautiful Day

It was about 80º out and nice and sunny earlier. Now it's about 60º and torrential downpour with lots of thunder and lightning. I always love rainy days, possibly due to growing up in AZ where you appreciate them all the more. Of course with all of the thunder and lightning, my dog has become my shadow again, never more than 5 feet away from me. After living here for a couple of years I'm starting to appreciate the sunny ones too though. For one, it makes it easier to ride the motorcycle. Which is what I did this morning before meeting a friend for lunch. Not that I won't ride in bad weather (rain, snow, cold, etc...) but it means that I have to spend the extra time gearing up. But, riding in the rain can actually be quite soothing. The sound of the traffic is muted, not as many people on the roads, and the gentle pitter-patter of the drops hitting your helmet can be very relaxing. Riding in the snow can be a zen experience.

Met my friend at C. B. & Potts as it's been about 3-4 months since I last had a Monte Cristo sandwich. Yes, it was delicious, and no, I'm not worried about my weight. Since I haven't been working, I found that I'm eating a lot less, and am now down to 150# again. Wouldn't be that bad if I was 5'8", but since I'm 6'4" it means I'm getting beyond skinny again. My muscle tone is still good, and I'm not feeling achy or short of breath so I'm still doing OK, but I'm definitely going to need to start eating more. While we're on the subject of health, I really do need to quit smoking too, and possibly exercising more as well, but these are both relegated to secondary concern status right now. Once I'm in a more stable position I'll start giving them some serious thought, but now is just not the time.

Having a few problems w/ my computer too, but I usually look on this as a good thing as it allows me to learn a little bit more about it as I'm fixing it. My Linux partition is running out of space. It's on a 60GB drive all by itself, but for some reason it's only allocating 13GB for itself... Rest of the drive is empty. I need to figure out A) why it's not using the other 45GB, and B) why it's even using 15GB as last week it was only using about 8. Looks like I've got a fun afternoon ahead of me, cheers!

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