No More Hunting

Well, the job search is finally over. I accepted the job that I wanted but was a one hour commute. After some serious number crunching, it did end up paying more, and after a look at the benefits available it made more sense. Still, the drive is going to be a killer, but I figure if I still have the job in a year or so, then I can move to that side of town, and possibly in to a house that's a little bit closer to a usable size... Anyways, the paperwork is all sent in, with the exception of the I-9 form which has to be done in person (that's gonna be interesting to work out), and my tentative start date is July 13. Nice to not have to worry about it anymore, though it's still going to be a little tight for the first couple of months as I get my finances back in order. On the plus side, I'd rather have to worry about not having enough money to go see a movie, than worry about not having enough money to buy groceries.

At this point, I'm emotionally drained, but looking forward to getting my life back on track. Plus, with the recent experience of my last two months, actually setting a goal or two that will help me out in the future should a situation like this arise again. With the schedule I'll be working, it's going to be difficult to go back to school, but the contracting agency I'm working for does offer some on-line programs which will allow me to study up for some certifications. And if in a year or so, I do end up moving closer to the job, I'll also be moving closer to a couple of schools, so it'll be easier to go back and start working on getting my degree. Don't know if I want to continue working in the IT field, so I've given some thought to possible majors, and I think I'm going to shoot for Mechanical Engineering. Looks like it's be the right mix of skull sweat and hands on that I'd really enjoy myself. Plus as an added benefit, engineers are usually one of the exempted professions on most countries immigration lists, so if I wanted to get a job in another country then I could go pretty easily. Nice to have a dream, now all that I need to do is spend the next couple of years making it happen. Ought to be fun.

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