Up and Running

My computer is fully functional again! Well, mostly functional at any rate. Haven't spent much time with the Windows partition other than getting all of the updates. My Linux partition is all the way back, and possibly just a little better since I got the latest version of Ubuntu on a clean install. Previously when I would try to boot using the 2.6.28-13 kernel, my system would crash, now it's running smooth. Plus, as an added benefit, they fixed the problem that was preventing my external USB hard drive from auto-mounting on startup.

But, both of my questions have been answered. It wasn't using the rest of the drive because I had set it up using the Wubi installer in windows, and it was on a virtual drive. And it was filling up because one of my video editing programs wasn't deleting the temp files after it was done. But why, you might ask, did this require a complete re-install of your OSes? Well it really didn't, but one of the earlier steps I had taken, booting the computer off of a GPartEd live CD jacked up my GRUB boot loader settings which meant my computer wasn't booting at all, and I decided that it's been 9 or 10 months so it's about time for a clean install anyways. I usually do one about once a year anyways. It keeps my system fresher, and makes sure I've only got programs that I'm using installed. If you've got the time and the savvy, I would highly recommend it.

On another note, looks like our fourth might not be that fabulous this year. Severe thunderstorm warnings for the Denver metro area. Fortunately (?) I hadn't planned on going anywhere to watch fireworks. Just going over to a friends house whose spouse is working, and ex has the kids. Maybe watch some fireworks on TV, play a few hands of cribbage, drink a few beers, grill up some hot dogs... You know, just a relaxed, kick-back and talk kind of day. Of course I'm going to have to take the dog, what with the thunderstorms and people still lighting off what fireworks they can he's going to be a wreck, and it'll be interesting to see how he gets along with my friends pets... Suppose I should put his spiked collar back on.

Well, it's getting late, and I need to take a nap before I head out tonight. Yes, I stayed up all night working on my computer. I'll have more later, but right now it's getting difficult to see the keyboard.

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